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eSapiens is a high technology company which involves the application of engineering practices to software design, development, maintenance and production of services for large scale international websites. It was founded in 2004 in Florianopolis, Brazil.

How we work

Full understanding of the products and services

The first step is to understand the products and services. What is offered? What are the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages? What are the risks and impacts applied? We need to properly align planning and execution.

Development and Infrastructure

You have to scale the needs of development and infrastructure appropriately to achieve the expected productivity. Properly allocate the knowledge and infrastructure is what will allow scalable business growth.

Market Plan

Identify the benefits of products and services offered that are perceived by customers. What does have value to them? Approaches related to the market and marketing strategies adopted will optimize the performance and profitability of the project

Management and Operation

Finding the right people to contribute to the project. Aid in decision making, organizational structure, management team and their interrelations. Study and adapt the flow of information and production flow. Consider approaches to ensure the quality and control of the entire project.

Legal and Accounting Support

Set parameters for profit and growth, and have a line of this management. Avoid distortion, adjust to the changes and have predictability. If necessary, be ready to find partners and raise funds. Having a good legal and accounting safety is growing solidly.